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Confidence is the pillar for success. Without it, no one can withstand the journey it takes to accomplish progress in its fullest capacity. Model Material reflects the image of dedication, consistency, and the moral aptitude needed for achievement in both personal and professional performance.    

Our Mission

Is to become identified as an International Runway of influence for Entrepreneurs that express the ambition and determination for success through Poise and Ingenuity.


Our Vision

Is to restore Leaders to a place of empowerment and purpose by utilizing the art and science of Beauty and Business Consulting.


Model Material creatively addresses the absence of support and resources desired to initiate the journey toward fulfillment and success.


Model Material systematically strategizes the deliverance of principles required for sustaining longevity while in pursuit of personal and professional goals.


Model Material is sustained in partnership with purpose to inspire at-risk youth and young adults to reach their fullest potential in service, spirituality, and growth.


Joymoya Thomas is the founder of Model Material Beauty and Business Consulting.  She utilized her childhood dream of becoming a Model to vogue the inspiration of success in expression of Arts and Science by establishing a unique platform for entrepreneurs around the world that challenges creativity and innovative thinking with service, purpose, and a moral compass for guidance. Joymoya is a Chicago native with a vision to restore people that are damaged with broken fragments of life to a picturesque display of accomplishment.


Utilizing the negative experiences from her life as the catalyst to propel her mission of restoring beauty and business in underserved communities, her “ Pretty in the Paint” motto is the basis for youth and young adults to grasp inspiration for survival, faith, and determination.  She has earned an Associate of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Phoenix. Joymoya hopes to return to her passion of being a Licensed Hair Stylist after completing her ultimate assignment of servitude.

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